Virtual Montessori Materials

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Welcome to Virtual Montessori Materials. This collection of online, interactive materials are free to the public. Developed during the Covid-19 pandemic to support Montessori teachers, they will remain available to teachers and homeschool consultants into the future.

Montessori Records Xpress is now hosting this site. Taking on this responsibility is one way we hope to support the Montessori community. By subscribing to MRX, you can also link these materials and other resources (videos, photos, extensions, Google Docs) to your “virtual” lessons, so whenever lessons are suggested to students and parents, they can view these resources through each of their portals.

Currently Available Materials

Let us know what other virtual materials you need

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Thanks for these incredible materials goes to Moshe Uminer and Menachem M Hornbacher. This work was highly inspired by work by Ryan Nevius at Be sure to check it out!

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